The i2-CoRT project: one year into the project

The i2-CoRT project, aimed at accelerating innovation and implementation of complex rehabilitation technology, has been underway for more than 1 year now.
On Tuesday, May 28 th , 2019, a joint meeting was held in Adelante between the i2-CoRT Program Steering Group, in which all project partners are represented, and the COMAC steering group, in which representatives of Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine participate.
During this consultation, the successes and the progress of the past year were discussed and the COMAC members were given an overview of the activities and developments within the project.
After the meeting, a tour of the Adelante test centre was organized. An overview of the various functions of the test centre was given. A number of demonstrations were also given about the rehabilitation technologies being developed and evaluated at the centre. In this way, the visitors were able to experience first-hand how technology-supported arm-hand skill training with the help of robotics feels like.

PSG+COMAC meeting2 280519PSG+COMAC 2019 Participants

WP5 – Co-creation of robot-assisted rehabilitation treatment

On Thursday 11 October 2018 a meeting was organized in the Test Center for Complex Rehabilitation Technology at Adelante on the theme “Co-creation of robot-assisted rehabilitation treatment”, as part of work package T5 of the i2-CoRT project. Thirty therapists, technicians and researchers from various rehabilitation centers, hospitals, universities and university colleges from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany discussed guidelines, prerequisites and possibilities to use robotics to improve the arm-hand training of patients who suffered a stroke and to develop new therapies. Next to a number of presentations, the attendees, in small subgroups, discussed robot and training-related issues, ranging from essential requirements robotic devices in rehabilitation should have, to future developments in the area of robot-assisted training. Towards the end of the day, the results of these discussions were presented in 4-minute pitches, followed by a general group discussion. During the second half of the meeting the attendees were given the opportunity to work with a robot-arm, i.e. the so-called Haptic Master, to get an impression of how kinaestetics (i.e. the feeling of movement) can be (experimentally) manipulated using robotics. The photos below give an impression of the meeting .


Opening symposium


The Euregional project i2-CoRT was officially launched at a symposium on the 24th of May at Adelante in Hoensbroek. The project, which is an initiative of Adelante, will last three years. It has a size of almost 4 million euro and is co-financed by Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine and various Euregional provincial governments. The main aim is to bring together therapists, researchers, patients, universities, university colleges, and manufacturers of technology in the Euregio in order to develop, among other, new technologies for new forms of treatment in rehabilitation medicine.
By bringing knowledge and expertise together under one roof in test centers at three rehabilitation centers in the Netherlands and Belgium, it will be possible to accelerate the innovation and implementation of rehabilitation technology. Within the main project, several subprojects are used as exemplary projects. This concerns rehabilitation robotics for arm / hand skills, sensor technology for arm / hand skills, functional strength measurement and for quantifying sitting behavior as well as 3D printing of orthoses.

The project responds to the developments concerning changes in rehabilitation service delivery, clients’ self-management and technology as a means for therapy innovation. The i2-CoRT project will also lead to more cross-border collaboration, new care concepts and business activities.

The partners in the i2-CoRT-project are: Adelante; Jessa Hospital and rehabilitation Centre Herk-de-Stad; Liège University Medical Centre; Aachen University Medical Faculty; Hasselt University; Maastricht University; Liège University; Eindhoven University of Technology; Zuyd University of Applied Sciences; PXL University College; Pôle MecaTech ASBL, WeLL. i2-CoRT brings together state-of-the-art knowledge & experience of rehabilitation centres, knowledge centres, (SME) businesses, healthcare sector organizations and patients (organizations) in order to promote and accelerate rehabilitation technology innovation and implementation. i2-CoRT is the acronym for “Innovation and Implementation accelerator for Complex Rehabilitation Technology”.

For questions and more information, please contact Anne van der Linden, senior communications advisor Adelante, 06-51097792,

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Persbericht Opening Symposium i2-CoRT

Presse Mitteilung Opening Symposium i2-CoRT

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Press Release Opening Symposium i2-CoRT

Tom Joosten (Adelante Zorggroep) during the Opening Symposium